Meeting Facilitation

Facilitating meetings allows Janet to leverage the combination of her experience and training as a coach, mediator, healthcare executive and board member of numerous non-profits.

Organizations have benefited from her skills and presence in:

  • Intensive strategic planning sessions
  • Off-site team-building retreats whether to work through the phases of forming, storming and norming; to uncover and dismantle the barriers to optimizing the team’s performance; or simply to have a learning filled, action oriented day
  • Professional development retreats-to-advance where the focus is on learning, personal reflection and operational action planning

Incorporating the principles of neuroplasticity and change, Janet’s style is engaging and effective at optimizing the synergy of the group to produce the desired outcome. She has learned that success is based on the fine balance of sticking to the plan and adapting at the meeting to raised issues and dynamics at play. She has successfully facilitated many discussions dealing with the proverbial “elephant in the room” ultimately to the benefit of the organization and its members.

Clients who have benefited from Janet’s meeting facilitation skills include:

  • Mental Health Association of Virginia
  • Kimoyo
  • Free Clinic Association of Virginia
  • Cox Communications