David and Janet are talented keynote speakers whose respective styles can work together or separate in entertaining, engaging, enlightening and energizing your audience. They have a wonderful way of creating a thought provoking, heartfelt connection with the audience within the first two minutes, and ensuring the participants continued engagement and participation throughout the presentation.

We have listed below a series of topics, and each can be customized to suit the purposes and personality of your group. Their experience has taught them that customization is essential to a successful presentation so please keep that in mind when reviewing the information.

Yes, We Can Can

Borrowing from the Pointer Sisters popular song by the same title, Janet demonstrates that Courage + Attitude = New Opportunities. A positive approach to navigating through times of organizational and personal transition, Janet supports her advice with the latest research findings, particularly in the area of neuroscience. Change is a given. What is not is how we choose to deal with it. Listening to Janet, her stories and insights, audience members will laugh and learn their way to new perspectives and strategies for thriving in changing and challenging times.

The Be-attitudes for Living an Extra Ordinary Life

William James said “Human beings by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.” A true and wise statement for it is through our attitudes that we experience life, and what those attitudes are makes the difference between living an extra ordinary or ordinary life. Her years of reading inspirational writers and working with over one hundred coaching clients led Janet to identify her four be-attitudes that she demonstrates how to adopt and integrate into your everyday life and thereby create extra ordinary lives, relationships and communities.

What is Your Courage Quotient?

In approximately, 350 BC, Aristotle said “Courage is the first of human virtues because it makes all the other virtues possible.” Hundreds of years later, this quote continues to ring true. By virtue of being creatures of habit, we become very entrenched in our comfort zones, and whether consciously or unconsciously, resist pushing beyond it. Raising our courage quotient helps us live a more fulfilling, successful life, it’s just easier said than done.

During this presentation, Janet raises the audience’s awareness of how powerful our comfort zone, and thus, habits are, and provides a process for expanding our comfort zone, embracing new habits, and living a life of courage. End result: we continually live our best life.

Leading with HEART

Successful leaders recognize that managing the talent of their employees for optimal performance is critical to maximizing the organization’s bottom line. To do so, successful leaders understand the importance of equally engaging the heart and the mind, and mastering the skills that enable them to do so.

Using HEART as an acronym, Janet discusses fifteen qualities that successful leaders exhibit, and provides practical suggestions for acquiring them.

Coaching Your Staff to Excellence

Managers who integrate coaching skills into their management style are able to leverage talent of their staff and optimize the team’s potential to achieve true synergy. In doing so, they are more likely to achieve and sustain excellent performance.

Janet developed this presentation to assist managers in their understanding of the profession of coaching, and in learning the essential coaching skills to incorporate into their management style.

Managing Energy for Optimal Performance

How do we truly manage time? We don’t. The best we can do is manage ourselves within time, and that means we manage our energy: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

During this presentation, Janet teaches you how to skillfully manage energy, individually and organizationally, which makes possible “full engagement”. Full engagement results in optimal performance. The 2001 Gallup poll showed that 55 percent of the American workforce is not engaged with only 30% actively engaged at work. The cost of a disengaged workforce is tremendous—estimated to be in the trillions of dollars nationally. Who can afford that? Nobody. Secret, become fully engaged by successfully managing your energy.

Your Best Defense is a Great Offense… strategies to win the game

Specifically targeted to physicians, the intent of this presentation is to inspire physicians to play the role of quarterback for their team as well as their life, and provides strategies for doing so.

Presently, there is a great deal of emphasis on managing the disruptive physician. The reality is that we all have potential to be disruptive; yet if we take ownership of our life and learn strategies for managing ourselves, we minimize our chance of exhibiting disruptive behavior. Optimal physician behavior leads to optimal clinical outcomes. Healthcare organizations benefit from placing as much focus on preventing disruptive behavior as they do on managing it when it does happen.

Our Motivational Presentations Clients Include:

  • National Association of Social Work: Virginia Chapter
  • Lewis Gale Hospital
  • Carilion Clinic
  • Medical Group Managers Association: Virginia Chapter
  • International Association of Administrative Professionals: Capital Chapter
  • American Ob/Gyn Society: Roanoke Chapter
  • Virginia Department of Health
  • Virginia Association of Free Clinics
  • Medical Staff Services Professionals
  • Virginia Association of Nonprofit Homes for the Aging
  • Farm Credit of Virginias
  • Hometown Bank

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