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I enjoy spending my evening time putzing in the garden and will miss spending time by the fire. I want to say yes and I am afraid it will not work out. I want to go for a walk on this gorgeous afternoon and I have work I need to do. I am happy that there is peace in my life and I am sad that for many, there is war. My husband wants me to quit work and I want to continue working.    

“Conjunction, junction, what’s your function?” (Remember that sing along jingle?) Whether it is a coordinating or subordinating conjunction, its role is to join independent words, phrases and clauses. We studied them in English so that we could correctly identify them when dissecting sentences, and since then, we have given them little thought or attention, simply assimilated them into our daily communication to the degree which one we use is determined by our habit.

In reading the opening statements, I imagine that many actually saw/said “but” rather than “and”, for in all examples, one could make the case that “but” is more appropriate and certainly would be the more common choice. I will even go so far as to say that an English teacher would actually grade “and” as wrong, and “but” as right (perhaps a reader will tell me if that is correct). But since we are no longer tasked to dissect sentences, it truly is neither here nor there. What is here and now, is the expanding power of and.

And, a simple, common, 3 letter word with amazing power to expand our horizons, open up possibilities, and move us forward. The use of and allows us to see connection when we saw none; to see compromises when we saw only right or wrong; and to feel hope rather than frustration and despair. And requires us to create, to continue the conversation, whether with ourselves or others, and to shift our perspectives. Simply through its use, and can add abundance to our life.      


By definition, all conjunctions are equal with the simple purpose of joining together. By their use, all conjunctions have much greater power, whether it is the expanding power of and or the judgmental, limiting power of but and or. Clearly there are times when but, or, nor, for, so and yet are the best choices in conveying our message for we absolutely want no wiggle room. I will contend that more times than not it is simply out of habit that we use them, and in doing so, artificially set limits that keep us from reaching our full potential. 

I recently had a conversation with a new coach, during which she said, “I am busy but not making any money.” She went on to give me reasons why that was the case, and all of her reasons had something to do with everyone or everything else. I sensed her frustration and felt little hope that she would be successful in her quest to create a coaching business. I walked away wondering what if she had said to me, and thus, to herself, “I am busy and not making money.”  Perhaps I am biased, but I could not help but think that in doing so she would create some space, and opportunity for herself to see things differently. I do know that if I had heard and rather than but, I would have been more inclined to encourage her and to continue our conversation rather than think of a way to graciously bow out.

I know for me that adding more and to my life has contributed significantly to my ability to thrive in my coaching business, and quite frankly, in all of my life. And has added abundance in areas I had previously not even identified. I often wonder, what how would our world be if we simply used and just a little more often.  

Extra Ordinary

Add a little more and to your life.

Next time you hear or say but, or, etc., stop. Replace them with and. More times than not, you will be amazed at what happens when you do.


About Extra Ordinary Living

Janet began her coaching journey in January of 2004, leaving behind a satisfying career as a healthcare executive. Working first under the company name, Tiberius Enterprises, in January of 2007, Janet adopted the company name, Extra Ordinary Living, symbolizing her desire to work with people who defy the law of average and want to live extraordinary lives, consistently adding the extra to the ordinary. Her by-line embracing sustainable change is reflective of two intentions. First is to have the changes a client makes have long term positive implications. Second is to live a life that respects the importance of sustaining our planet’s lives for generations to follow.

As an Executive Coach, Janet’s intention is to assist service professionals and organizations to maximize their return on human capital….managing human behaviors for optimal outcomes. Janet has repeatedly found that an individual’s professional and personal satisfaction and happiness is often limited by their very own “human capital.” She loves working with people to identify and own their natural tendencies, abilities and talents; to recognize their limitations, and apply all in creating the life they have historically only dreamed about. As a professional coach, Janet is trained to listen, to observe and to customize her approach to match her client’s needs. She provides tools, support, structure and accountability to help her clients unleash their full potential and optimize results.

Having a coach herself for over four years, Janet has found the best thing about coaching is that it is all about you, the client, and what you want. A coach may share her opinion, and give you advice; however, it is all up to you to pick and choose what you want to accept. A coach suspends judgment, and supports you in your decisions.

With the coaching philosophy as her foundation, Janet is also an inspirational Professional Speaker. She has spoken at local, state and national conferences, providing the plenary session as well as more structured workshops. Her goal is to impart useful, practical and memorable information in a fun and dynamic way to assist her audiences in living extra ordinary lives. Janet always customizes her content to match her audience.

 Interested in learning more? Please contact Janet by phone at 540-342-3040, email,, or visit the website,


Janet Crawford MHA, MBA Professional Certified Coach

Extra Ordinary Living is written for aspiring individuals looking for new perspectives and ideas for living life differently by finding the Extra in the Ordinary.

Sustainable Living Tip:

Spring Cleaning

With spring in the air, it is the time of year when many of us begin to declutter, clean-up, and spruce up our home and work environments.Commit to doing so the green way….

Avoid filling your trash cans overflowing with items that contribute to the continued wasting away of our earth’s natural resources. You have several options:

• Participate in your community’s electronic or toxic waste collection day.

• Go to to identify a green source for disposing of your electronics, or check out or for those items that have some life left in them.

• Donate to Goodwill or other local non-profit organization(s).

• Take clothing and other items to consignment shops. Who knows you might make enough to go buy more!

• Have a heavy load of books and want to help the literacy rate, go to

• Yard sale it, and donate the rest, responsibly.

• Fill your home with houseplants that help clean your air and absorb toxic chemicals: boston ferns, English ivy, rubber plants, peace lilies.  

• Fill your garden with flowers to attract the honey bees to keep our ecosystem alive and well. Suggestions: check out

Will all these take your valuable time? Yes, they will.
Are they worth it?  If time matters, yes; because if we don’t start know, your grandchildren may not have it.



"Language is the road map of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going."
– Rita Mae Brown

"Language exerts hidden power, like the moon on the tides."
– Rita Mae Brown

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