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2007: Issue 3

The Value of Anticipation

Finally, an 80% chance of having a winter wonderland. I, like many others, enjoy living in this part of our country because we actually have four seasons, each with its extremes of comforts and discomforts. So its winter, so we should have some snow….at least I would like a little, and finally it’s in the forecast. Phones start ringing in anticipation of the challenges a “wintry mix” presents: do we cancel, do we not; what to do, oh my!  Schools close without the first sign of sleet or the first snowflake falling, in anticipation of the roads getting bad and the buses not being able to travel safely.

This was the scene yesterday in the Roanoke Valley. The rest of the story is that nothing happened…a few snowflakes fell if you looked hard enough to see them but otherwise, just a cold, somewhat dreary day with business as usual. And lots of discussion around the decision to close school as the school leaders anticipated the trials and tribulations they would experience if the weather predicted with an 80% possibility materialized while the kids were in school.

In this case, one could say hindsight is 20:20, as clearly, there was no wintry mix to hit the valley. Yet was it the wrong decision? Or was it the right decision based on the information at hand, as the decision makers anticipated the outcomes.

Anticipation is an important aspect of every decision we make, yet we often overlook it, and thus, miss the value it brings to enhancing the quality of our decisions, and thus, the quality of our lives. To anticipate simply involves taking a decision one step further to the "what if” stage. In the busyness of our typical lives, we have a tendency to succumb to time pressures, get caught up in the analysis of the information or simply just stay on automatic pilot as we make decisions so we stop short of anticipating what the outcomes might be.

Every decision has a consequence; and thus, for every decision we can anticipate the effects of the decision on ourselves and others. Anticipating the outcomes or an effect(s) of a decision actually helps us face our fears, address our own anxieties and show consideration for others. Is anticipation always worth it? I will let you decide.

I have found in coaching my clients that exploring the “what ifs” of a decision is often where the “aha moments” happen. I have found the same to be true in parenting. I recently had one of my “transitional conversations” with my son, a senior in high school. During the conversation where much of what we were discussing evolved around the concept of anticipation or lack thereof, he realized that he was not being true to his own values, and thus, was creating a lot of angst and unrest in his (and our) lives. There and then I truly saw the value of anticipating

What benefits might you get if you integrated anticipation into your daily decision making?

What would you do differently if you began to anticipate the effects of your decisions on your life and body ten years from now?

What tolerations or problems are currently in your life that not be had you anticipated the impact of a decision?  


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Usually the first question we are asked, is why Tiberius? Our trivia friends can often identify the references……yes, Tiberius was the 2nd Roman emperor, and yes, Tiberius is the middle name of James T. Kirk from Star Trek. One of our life mottos and business principles is “to learn from the past, look to the future while living in the present.” Thus, Extra Ordinary Living.

As Professional Coaches, we are trained to listen, to observe and to customize our approach to our clients needs.  We provide tools, support, structure and accountability to help our clients unleash their full potential and optimize results.  The best thing about coaching is it is all about you – the client, and what you want.  We may share our opinions and give you advice, but it is up to you to pick and choose what you want to accept.  We suspend judgment and will support you in your decisions. 

As Professional Speakers, our messages are inspirational while imparting useful, practical and memorable information in a fun and dynamic way to help our audiences live  extra ordinary lives.  

The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.
– Joseph Campbell

Janet Crawford, MHA, MBA
Professional Certified Coach

A publication of Extra Ordinary Living,  Extra Ordinary Living is written for aspiring individuals striving to make a difference, and wanting to explore, experience and excel in all aspects of their life.

“Do not anticipate trouble, or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight."
– Benjamin Franklin

"The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly."
– Buddha

"Science has not yet mastered prophecy. We predict too much for the next year and yet far too little for the next 10."
– Neil Armstrong


We are grateful to Brain Injury Services of Southwest Virginia for the new opportunity to coach several of their clients.