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Treasures Abound

A sock, three quarters, a pillow, a key chain with Whitney on it, Peaches old bone, a much needed button, a pocket knife.….all treasures I discovered hidden deep in the recesses of my office chair. Reeses; Three Musketeers; Milky Way; Snickers; Twizzlers;  ….all treasures the trick or treaters discovered when they dumped their bags all over the living room floor, quickly counting and sorting, and if others are nearby, trading for their favorites.

Finding the so-called treasures in my chair was a total surprise, perhaps even an embarrassing one for they most certainly are not signs of good housekeeping. Nonetheless they were treasures to me: the coins had monetary value; the pillow, aesthetic value; and the other items, sentimental value, providing me a brief trip down memory lane. I found myself continuing to dig, to see what else I would find.

Sometimes we go in search of treasures, as did the trick or treaters; sometimes we stumble upon them, most often when and where we least expect them; and sometimes we see them all around us and within us, simply because we have opened our eyes, our mind and our heart to their value.

Most of us have a clear image of a treasure chest filled to the brim with jewels and gold coins, blinding us with their sparkle. And for many, we live life as a treasure hunt in search of those gold coins….that new car, new house, new jewelry, etc. We find happiness along the way particularly when we do get that gold coin, and we also discover that the value of that gold coin diminishes rapidly, as the happiness of the moment quickly evaporates, and we begin our quest for the next gold coin.

Contemplating this concept of treasures, I decided to approach my recent trip to Chicago as a treasure hunt. As I viewed the landscape along the way, instead of thinking ugh, how many more corn fields until we get there, I thought about the value of the land, the people who are farming it, and the beauty in it that my grandmother always saw. Instead of becoming annoyed by my husband’s back seat driving, I saw the value of him caring for our safety—yes, a bit of a stretch I know, but it worked. I arrived in Chicago with my eyes wide open ready to explore the treasures of the city and very aware that how rich of an exploration it would be was totally dependent on me to open my mind, my heart and my eyes to it all.

Perhaps the richest discovery of it all was the benefit to me, and in return the benefit to those around me. I laughed and smiled more; the walk in the bitterly cold wind simply made my body cold rather than freezing my attitude; I skipped over the small annoyances that otherwise I would trip over; and each night, I fell into bed physically exhausted and thankful for the treasures of the day. My experience was richer simply because I chose to see the treasures in the ordinary as well as the extraordinary.

Extra Ordinary

What treasures in your life would you see if you opened more fully your eyes, your mind and your heart to “see” them?

What if each day were a treasure hunt. What treasures have you/will you gather? Discover?   

What’s in your treasure chest?

About Extra Ordinary Living

Janet began her coaching journey in January of 2004, leaving behind a satisfying career as a healthcare executive. Working first under the company name, Tiberius Enterprises, in January of 2007, Janet adopted the company name, Extra Ordinary Living, symbolizing her desire to work with people who defy the law of average and want to live extraordinary lives, consistently adding the extra to the ordinary. Her by-line embracing sustainable change is reflective of two intentions. First is to have the changes a client makes have long term positive implications. Second is to live a life that respects the importance of sustaining our planet’s lives for generations to follow.

As an Executive Coach, Janet’s intention is to assist service professionals and organizations to maximize their return on human capital….managing human behaviors for optimal outcomes. Janet has repeatedly found that an individual’s professional and personal satisfaction and happiness is often limited by their very own “human capital.” She loves working with people to identify and own their natural tendencies, abilities and talents; to recognize their limitations, and apply all in creating the life they have historically only dreamed about. As a professional coach, Janet is trained to listen, to observe and to customize her approach to match her client’s needs. She provides tools, support, structure and accountability to help her clients unleash their full potential and optimize results.

Having a coach herself for over four years, Janet has found the best thing about coaching is that it is all about you, the client, and what you want. A coach may share her opinion, and give you advice; however, it is all up to you to pick and choose what you want to accept. A coach suspends judgment, and supports you in your decisions.

With the coaching philosophy as her foundation, Janet is also an inspirational Professional Speaker. She has spoken at local, state and national conferences, providing the plenary session as well as more structured workshops. Her goal is to impart useful, practical and memorable information in a fun and dynamic way to assist her audiences in living extra ordinary lives. Janet always customizes her content to match her audience.

 Interested in learning more? Please contact Janet by phone at 540-342-3040, email,, or visit the website,


Janet Crawford MHA, MBA Professional Certified Coach

Extra Ordinary Living is written for aspiring individuals looking for new perspectives and ideas for living life differently by finding the Extra in the Ordinary.

Sustainable Living Tip:

Eating Organic

“Why bother” has been my past attitude, especially when the price is usually 20-30% higher, and I seem to be doing just fine eating the same old things, pesticides and all.

However as I read and learn more, I now ask myself “why not” given the myriad of benefits and my intention to honor the concept of sustainable living.

An article in the New York Times & World News titled the Five Easy Ways to Go Organic , led me to the website A website rich with information, including   Dr. Greene’s Organic Prescription where he lists the top 11 items which he believes we can make the biggest difference in our health, our children’s health, and that of our planet. I’ll share with you his top 5:

Potatoes. Commercially-farmed potatoes are one of the most pesticide-contaminated vegetables (and I eat the skin!), and even the best scrubbing won’t remove all the pesticides.

Milk.  Buy organic and you will not only reduce significantly the level of pesticides, but also push more farmers to farm organically.

Peanut Butter.  Same argument as the above. Consumed in almost every household, and 99% of peanut farms use conventional farming practices.

Ketchup.  Besides avoiding the pesticides, organic ketchup has about double the antioxidants of conventional ketchup.

Apples.  A little worm won’t hurt you; the pesticide can.

I find Dr. Greene’s following quote to be a great guide for my future eating decisions:

“Every bite of food is either an investment in your body's vitality or a debt your body is taking out - or a combination of both.”

If you want to learn more, check out his website,, and type in the search box Organic Rx. I know many of you are already eating organic, and perhaps add to that organic vegan. I applaud your foresight, and look forward to joining you, as together we will create the tipping point so that all of our food production will use organic processes.   


"It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life. Where you stumble, there lies your treasure."
–  Joseph Campbell

"Happiness is hidden in the waiting room to happiness."
– Eduardo Punset

"Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower."
–  Hans Christen Anderson

EOL Upcoming Events:

Leaping to YES
Join us in a weekend of personal discovery to identify ways to have that YES feeling every day, several times a day. The YES feeling you ask? YES, the feeling that resonates from the tip of your toes to the top of your head, that causes you to pause and celebrate, and then propels you forward.

If you are a woman itching to say YES to life: all that it has to offer and all that you have to offer it, this retreat-to-advance is for you. Your facilitators Dr. Joanne Greenawald and Janet Crawford will guide you in a process of self discovery that will result in the development of a plan created just for you by you, designed to attract more YES into your life.

When: The evening of February 29, 2008 to noon on March 2, 2008.

Where: Mariner's Landing at Smith Mountain Lake.

Website will soon have all the details. 

Say YES to you, and YES to all life has to offer. Join us!

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