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2006: Issue 1

Lessons in How

Science of Mind…….Ode………Time……Rolling Stones.  What do all these magazines have in common?  Within the last three months, they have featured Paul Hewson, otherwise known as Bono, on their front cover.  One has honored him with Person of the Year for 2005, another names him 2005’s spiritual hero, and others, have simply the word Bono, with his picture in his signature glasses,  of course.

Up until a week ago, I knew him as a rock star.  I couldn’t tell you about any of his music, just one of those legendary names.  A week later after reading about him, beginning with the Time article, I have learned he is much more than just a rock star.  I am now one of his many fans but of Bono the person, not just the musician.  And it is not only for what he has done, but how he has done it. The “what” is incredible, I encourage you to check it out, but the “what” would not have happened without the “how”, and therein are the lessons for you and me.

Exhibits Passion.  For music.  For God.  For life. For America (even though he is Irish). And for his cause to rid Africa of poverty, one step at a time, bringing truth to the simple belief that every human life has equal worth. 

Plays to his audience.  As a musical performer and an activist.  He learns about his audience, and crafts his message accordingly, increasing the chance that they will “get it”, and be called to act.  

Claims his purpose and lives it.  Says there is a line from an Irish poem that never leaves his mind, “If you want to serve the age, betray it.”  (Brendan Kennelly)  Repeatedly stating he merely wants to “realize his potential”, recognizing that potential is an ever moving target.   

Supports his position with data.  Everyone acknowledges he has great ideas, and all are backed up or supported with data.  Facts that even Bill Gates could not dispute, and instead, joined Bono’s cause, even becoming a fan of his music and a close friend.  “Facts are very beautiful.” as Bono said in an interview, with the author noting that Bono can make them sing. 

Builds synergy.  As he has done with his band for over 20+ years, Bono is always bringing people together to achieve what otherwise would be impossible. People with similar intentions, who by joining forces exponentially increase their potential and power. 

Follows through.  Claims that his least favorite John Lennon song is Imagine as he believes it’s easy to get caught up in dreaming when the critical step is doing.  Believing that many of us often ignore the obvious because that is easier than facing it and being compelled to do something about it.

Is gutsy.   Willing to put himself out there.  To ask; to challenge the status quo; and to stay true to his authentic self.  Perhaps this is best exemplified by the following: “betraying the age means exposing its conceits, its foibles; its phony moral certitudes.  It means telling the secrets of the age and facing harsher truths.”  (University of Pennsylvania commencement speech, 5/19/04).    

With the tendency in our culture to always hear about what celebrities are doing wrong,  it is refreshing to hear about one who is expanding his celebrity status in helping our world be a better place; just as you do every day in taking care of patients or carrying out your role that enables others to do just that. 

Impacting lives positively day in and day out is what you do.  Reflect on how you do it, and be willing to continue to improve the “how” so that you truly potentate the “what.” 

1. Identify the “how” factors of  those you admire.  
2. Compare your “how” factor to theirs, and identify opportunities for your own growth. 
3. Recognize that on a regular basis someone selects you as their hero for “saving their life”; vow to have the “how” as impressive as the “what”. 

Interested in reading more about Bono? 

Find the December 19, 2005 issue of Time Magazine or go to Time.com and read the article on-line.
Check out his commencement speech at http://www.upenn.edu/almanac/v50/n34/commence-b.html

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““We thought that we had the answers, it was the questions we had wrong.”
– Bono
"The only thing that balances how preposterous it is to have to listen to an Irish rock star talk about these subjects is the weight of the subjects themselves."
– Bono


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