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2005: Issue 8

Creatures of Habit

If we truly look at ourselves objectively, one of the first things we will recognize is that we are creatures of habits. In the animal kingdom, most daily behaviors seem instinctive, innate from birth. On the other hand, such behaviors in humans are largely the result of learning and experience – repeated over and over. Regardless of where you stand on the ancient nature versus nurture debate, one fact remains clear: the more highly evolved the species, the greater the role education and learning play in determining thoughts, emotions, and actions.

Whether innate, learned, or some combination thereof, habit is crucial at all levels of human functioning. By diminishing the conscious attention with which we must perform our acts, habit makes simpler and more accurate the movements required to achieve a given result. In this way, habit diminishes fatigue and greatly increases our productivity.

For the most part, our habits – our automatic patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting – serve us well. The more details of our daily life that we can hand over to the effortless care of habit, the more our mind will be free for higher level and, usually, more engaging tasks. One of our greatest responsibilities is to make automatic and habitual as many useful actions as we can. By making habitual those things that are necessary but not especially enjoyable, we increase the likelihood that they will actually be done on a regular basis. Exercise, dictating, reviewing lab work, worry may fall in this category.

Without habits, our lives would be difficult, and simple tasks would become arduous. Yet, as with anything in this garden of good and evil we call life, habits can also be harmful, and most definitely, counterproductive.

We have a tendency to go through our daily lives on automatic pilot — our habits ruling our actions and thoughts. When we become conscious of all (positive and negative) our habits, we are able to identify and continue those that serve us well, and eliminate or change those that do not.


  1. As you go through each day, be conscious of the many habits playing out in your life.
  2. Create a list of your habits, and identify them as positive (+) or negative (-).
  3. Group your habits into the categories of physical, emotional, mental & spiritual.
  4. Read the next edition of Tiberius Rx to learn how to eradicate negative habits and replace them with positive habits.

ABOUT Extra Ordinary Living

Taking their learning from 20+ years in corporate healthcare, Janet Crawford and David Scheiderer, MD formed Extra Ordinary Living, Inc. in 2003 with an intention of helping physicians, other healthcare professionals and their organizations identify possibilities and opportunities, remove obstacles, and ultimately, optimize results.

Usually the first question we are asked, is why Tiberius? Our trivia friends usually can identify the references……yes, Tiberius was the 2nd Roman emperor, and yes, Tiberius is the middle name of James T. Kirk from Star Trek. One of our life mottos and business principles is “to learn from the past, look to the future but live in the present;” thus, Extra Ordinary Living.

As Executive and Professional Coaches, we are trained to listen, to observe and to customize our approach to our client's needs. We provide tools, support, structure and accountability to help our clients unleash their full potential and optimize results. There are so many reasons for physicians in particular to feel disenchanted with their chosen profession, their calling. Having a coach helps them get back in touch with their passion for being a healer.

The best thing about coaching is that it is all about you and what you want. We may share our opinions and give you advice, but it is up to you to pick and choose what you want to accept. We suspend judgment and will support you in your decisions.

As Professional Speakers, our messages are inspirational while imparting useful, practical and memorable information in a fun and dynamic way to help you in your pursuit of authentic happiness, and the enjoyment of deep life experiences.


May 25 – 28, 2005
Janet will be escorting her 7th grade Destination Imagination (DI) team to global finals in Knoxville, TN.  The first time competitors – Amazingly Hilarious Artisans — won their regional competition, placed 2nd at state with their hovercraft invention and will be hovering on down I-81 to Knoxville for the international competition.

Tiberius Rx ... written by a physician for physicians and those who love them, work with them, or befriend them, and want to enjoy deep life experiences while more effectively pursuing a life of happiness.

Curious things, habits. People themselves never knew they had them.
- Agatha Christie
Men's natures are alike, it is their habits that carry them far apart.
- Confucius


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