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2005: Issue 2

The Beleaguered Physician

In a February 1998 article in the Annals of Internal Medicine, Donald Berwick wrote: “Searching for one word to describe the state of mind of the physician in the United States today, we might choose “beleaguered,” i.e. surrounded by enemies. Indeed, threats to physicians appear on all sides: from payers, would-be managers of care, technology growth and information overload, changes in malpractice tort law, and even from patients. Today, as never before, physicians feel disconnected from the reasons they originally chose their sacred profession. Think back to the day you learned you had been accepted into medical school, to the day you stood with your classmates and solemnly swore to “lead (your) life, and practice (your) art, in uprightness and honor.” Now, fast forward to your current practice and ask yourself: Do you feel trapped, that your career just isn’t working out the way you had imagined? Despite living what looks like a successful life, do you secretly yearn for more or get a nagging feeling that you are missing something?

The insidious erosion of physician power is becoming more acute. The attacks, threats, stimuli or whatever we call them, being thrust upon us are hitting their mark. In terms of money, clinical decision-making, leadership, autonomy, and prestige, we are giving up ground. After all, to quote The Wall Street Journal, “From unquestioned God to accountable production worker is a long way to fall.”

Disillusioned, unfilled, clinicians who are no longer passionate about their profession, their personal life, or both.

How do we reclaim our passion and find meaning in medicine? One such method that is proving to be very effective is coaching. Coaching, in brief, refers to the tailored application of researched and refined core processes aimed at highly motivated individuals who strive to:


So, if the discomfort caused by current practice conditions has you feeling beleaguered, if accelerated personal and professional development through increased self mastery interests you, coaching calls. Our Tiberius Rx newsletters will help you explore your true nature and personal mission, experience fulfillment and happiness, and excel in your personal and professional endeavors.