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2005: Issue 19

Letting Go

“I stand at land’s edge waiting to see what the tide will bring to me, and what it will take away.” (unknown)

I heard the above quote from a client of mine as we were mulling over the new beginnings in one’s life that often require “letting go”. While doing so, we both instantly realized the more pragmatic interpretation of the quote that so many along the gulf coast are literally living. Perhaps with time they will see what the tide brought them, but clearly for now, it is what it has taken away ... my home place; my pictures; my work; my clothes; my child; my pet; my “everything.”

I resonated with the symbolism in this quote for often before we have room for new in our life, we must let the “tide” take something away. During difficult times in my life when I am struggling to “let go”, I have often sought refuge at the shore. As I walk along, I envision what it is I am letting the tide take out to sea. Perhaps it is a person, yet mostly it has been a thought(s), feeling(s) or a person’s action, all chock full of emotion; emotion that has been sapping my energy, and I am ready for it to stop – I am ready to “let go.”

Most common refrain from medical professionals these days is “it is not like it used to be.” Usually said with a sigh and a yearning. I certainly agree. Yet, I want to remind them they have a choice, a choice to “let go” ...

About those people along the gulf coast, I leave with you one story where a family is already realizing the gift of the tide. A young family that sought refuge with a neighbor’s family in Hatteras, NC, bringing with them an elderly set of parents and their two children – an 8 year old son, and a 3 year old severely handicapped daughter – for whom they have no diagnosis, merely the reality of caring for her with her mentally aware brain, and a body that gives her constant pain. Enter a physician who has said, “unacceptable”, and has lined up an appointment with a team of specialists at a nearby children’s hospital to find answers and solutions ... saying, “don’t worry about the cost, it is taken care of.”

Too many of us look for all the reasons we can’t “let go”, rather than the reasons we can. Perhaps in the short run it is easier to hold on, yet in the pursuit of life happiness doing so saps our energy and clutters our mind.

“Letting go” is clearly easier to say than do; yet when done, it creates openings and opportunities that we otherwise miss.

1. Identify what you can “let go”.
2. Challenge yourself to take action. Visualize the tide taking it out to sea, and if necessary, repeat this several times for your hold can be quite strong.
3. Celebrate what the tide brings you.

ABOUT Extra Ordinary Living

Taking their learning from 20+ years in corporate healthcare, Janet Crawford and David Scheiderer, MD formed Extra Ordinary Living, Inc. in 2003 with an intention of helping physicians, other healthcare professionals and their organizations identify possibilities and opportunities, remove obstacles, and ultimately, optimize results.

Usually the first question we are asked, is why Tiberius? Our trivia friends usually can identify the references……yes, Tiberius was the 2nd Roman emperor, and yes, Tiberius is the middle name of James T. Kirk from Star Trek. One of our life mottos and business principles is “to learn from the past, look to the future but live in the present;” thus, Extra Ordinary Living.

As Executive and Professional Coaches, we are trained to listen, to observe and to customize our approach to our client's needs. We provide tools, support, structure and accountability to help our clients unleash their full potential and optimize results. There are so many reasons for physicians in particular to feel disenchanted with their chosen profession, their calling. Having a coach helps them get back in touch with their passion for being a healer.

The best thing about coaching is that it is all about you and what you want. We may share our opinions and give you advice, but it is up to you to pick and choose what you want to accept. We suspend judgment and will support you in your decisions.

As Professional Speakers, our messages are inspirational while imparting useful, practical and memorable information in a fun and dynamic way to help you in your pursuit of authentic happiness, and the enjoyment of deep life experiences.  

David Scheiderer, MD, MBA
Executive Coach

Janet Crawford, MHA, MBA
Executive Coach

Tiberius Rx ... written for physicians and those who love them, work with them, or befriend them, and want to explore, experience and excel in all aspects of their life.

"The harder you fight to hold on to specific assumptions, the more likely there's gold in letting go of them."
– John Seely Brown
"Some think it's holding on that makes one strong; sometimes it's letting go."

– Sylvia Robinson