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2005: Issue 15

Between Two Thoughts

“Is it hot enough for ‘ya?” The standard refrain of small talk occurring at the water cooler; check out line; dinner table; etc. In the Northern Hemisphere, we have entered the hot and sultry “dog days of summer” where the morning temperature was the high temperature just a few days ago.

Webster’s actually has two definitions for the “dog days of summer”, with the first being exactly what we think of and referenced above. The 2nd is less commonly known, and of course, one I really like, “a period of stagnation or inactivity.” Indeed, this is often the result of the hot, muggy weather for it limits if not prohibits outdoor activity, saps our stamina, and creates frustration – to name just a few.

In our last edition, I brought up the concept of Essential Self Disease (ESD) and contended that ESD often shows up as acting out, burning out, or freezing out; in other words, experiencing the “dog days of summer” without the weather to blame. In fact, the only one to blame is our very own self, the very one that controls our Thoughts, Emotions and Actions – our TEAs.

Most are fortunate enough to have the ability to control their TEAs, yet they so readily relinquish that control, and assume the victim (patient) role, looking for a fix. As a physician, I see this theme repeatedly, and often it is in the “locker room”, not in my office, and admittedly, even in my own home! The irony is that the diseases many of us fear the most are those that involve our loss of mental capacity, and rightfully so for those who have experienced manic or psychotic states or hallucinations will confirm your fears, and advice you to avoid going there if it at all possible.

Essential Self Disease occurs when we have given up control of our TEAs, and are struggling to take it back or don’t even realize we have within us the ability to do so – to manage our Thoughts, Emotions and Actions.

Human nature being what it is, often leads us to forget the control we have over our TEAs. We thus tend to outsource the fix or stay in a state of “stagnation and inactivity” even after the dog days of summer have long gone.

The prevention and cure for ESD begins with a look inward – into our Thoughts and Emotions which, of course, are the drivers of our Actions.

1. Begin consciously monitoring your thoughts and stopping them when they are meandering out of control.
2. Reframe. Reframe. Reframe.
3. E-mail me at dr.dave@tiberiusenterprises.com for our ESD Risk Assessment, using it to determine your risk for developing ESD and to generate ideas for prevention.
4. When you wake up tomorrow to another sultry, hot morning, instead of thinking about how miserable it is outside, think about how nice it is to have these days to remind you how grateful you are for the comforts of life – a roof over your head; an air-conditioned car and home; covered parking; clean water; and food delivered to your door…..


On August 9, 2005, Janet will be presenting Leveraging the Power of Language for Optimal Results at the Roanoke Valley OB-GYN Society meeting.


Optimizing your Performance
Join Janet in this 4-week tele-class. If you feel like you are on a treadmill that just won’t stop, and your battery is running low, join Janet is this 4-week tele-class starting September 12 from 4:30pm to 6:00pm.  You will learn: 

  • how to create clearer communication
  • how to manage your energy sources, & plug your energy drains
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ABOUT Extra Ordinary Living

Taking their learning from 20+ years in corporate healthcare, Janet Crawford and David Scheiderer, MD formed Extra Ordinary Living, Inc. in 2003 with an intention of helping physicians, other healthcare professionals and their organizations identify possibilities and opportunities, remove obstacles, and ultimately, optimize results.

Usually the first question we are asked, is why Tiberius? Our trivia friends usually can identify the references……yes, Tiberius was the 2nd Roman emperor, and yes, Tiberius is the middle name of James T. Kirk from Star Trek. One of our life mottos and business principles is “to learn from the past, look to the future but live in the present;” thus, Extra Ordinary Living.

As Executive and Professional Coaches, we are trained to listen, to observe and to customize our approach to our client's needs. We provide tools, support, structure and accountability to help our clients unleash their full potential and optimize results. There are so many reasons for physicians in particular to feel disenchanted with their chosen profession, their calling. Having a coach helps them get back in touch with their passion for being a healer.

The best thing about coaching is that it is all about you and what you want. We may share our opinions and give you advice, but it is up to you to pick and choose what you want to accept. We suspend judgment and will support you in your decisions.

As Professional Speakers, our messages are inspirational while imparting useful, practical and memorable information in a fun and dynamic way to help you in your pursuit of authentic happiness, and the enjoyment of deep life experiences.  

Tiberius Rx ... written by a physician for physicians and those who love them, work with them, or befriend them, and want to enjoy deep life experiences while more effectively pursuing a life of happiness.

“Neither the nature nor the amount of our work is accountable for the frequency and severity of our breakdowns, but their cause lies rather in those absurd feelings of hurry and having no time….”

- William James


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